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34 Decontamination of neutron-activated radioactive concrete waste by separating Eu, Co, Fe, and Mn-containing sand particles using dense medium separation (2023)
33 Immobilization mechanism of radioactive borate waste in phosphate-based geopolymer waste forms (2022)
32 Surface Modification of Bentonite for the Improvement of Radionuclide Sorption (2022)
31 Simultaneous removal of cesium and iodate using prussian blue functionalized CoCr layered double hydroxide (PB-LDH) (2022)
30 Co2+/PMS based sulfate-radical treatment for effective mineralization of spent ion exchange resin (2022)
29 Efficient mercury sequestration from wastewaters using palm kernel and coconut shell derived biochars (2022)
28 Decontamination of radioactive metal wastes using underwater microwave plasma (2022)
27 Top-down Synthesis of NaP zeolite from Natural Zeolite for the Higher Removal Efficiency of Cs, Sr, and Ni (2021)
26 Process optimization and safety assessment on a pilot-scale Bunsen process in sulfur-iodine cycle (2021)
25 Removal of iodine (I− and IO3−) from aqueous solutions using CoAl and NiAl layered double hydroxides (2021)
24 Inorganic Waste Forms for Efficient Immobilization of Radionuclides (2021)
23 Development of geopolymer waste form for immobilization of radioactive borate waste (2021)
22 Efficient radon removal using fluorine-functionalized natural zeolite (2021)
21 Removal of Radioactive Cesium in Secondary Wastewater after Soil-washing Process (2021)
20 Fenton-like treatment for reduction of simulated carbon-14 spent resin (2021)
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