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62 Sorption and mobility of radioactive Ni in Wolsong waste repository site, South Korea (2023)
61 Microstructure and texture analysis of 304 austenitic stainless steel using Bragg edge transmission imaging (2023)
60 Waste acceptance criteria testings of a phosphate-based geopolymer waste form to immobilize radioactive borate waste (2023)
59 Effect of Si/Al molar ratio and curing temperatures on the immobilization of radioactive borate waste in metakaolin-based geopolymer waste form (2023)
58 Estimation of radionuclides leaching characteristics in different sized geopolymer waste forms with simulated spent ion-exchange resin (2023)
57 Potential of indigenous bacteria driven U(VI) reduction under relevant deep geological repository (DGR) conditions (2023)
56 Dissolution Behaviors of PuO2(cr) in Natural Waters (2023)
55 Design and Application of Materials for Sequestration and Immobilization of 99Tc (2023)
54 Evaluating the impact of drying on leaching from a solidified/stabilized waste using a monolithic diffusion model (2023)
53 Acute oral toxicity and bioavailability of uranium and thorium in contaminated soil (2023)
52 Monte Carlo study of an electron-based neutron source for Bragg edge imaging (2023)
51 Tritium separation from radioactive wastewater by hydrogen isotope‒selective exchange of hydrogen‒bonded fluorine (2023)
50 Influence of MnO and ZnO on molybdate crystallization in borosilicate glass (2023)
49 Technetium (Tc)/Rhenium (Re) Solubility and Leaching Behavior from Waste Forms: An Overview (2023)
48 Stability of SrCO3 within composite Portland-slag cement blends (2023)
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