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52 Acute oral toxicity and bioavailability of uranium and thorium in contaminated soil (2023)
51 Tritium separation from radioactive wastewater by hydrogen isotope‒selective exchange of hydrogen‒bonded fluorine (2023)
50 Influence of MnO and ZnO on molybdate crystallization in borosilicate glass (2023)
49 Technetium (Tc)/Rhenium (Re) Solubility and Leaching Behavior from Waste Forms: An Overview (2023)
48 Stability of SrCO3 within composite Portland-slag cement blends (2023)
47 Assessment of sulfidated nanoscale zerovalent iron for in-situ remediation of cadmium-contaminated acidic groundwater near zinc smelter (2023)
46 Prediction of stable radon fluoride molecules and geometry optimization using first-principles calculations (2023)
45 Recent advances in Fenton-like treatment of radioactive ion exchange resins (2023)
44 Decontamination of neutron-activated radioactive concrete waste by separating Eu, Co, Fe, and Mn-containing sand particles using dense medium separation (2023)
43 Comparative study of PMS oxidation with Fenton oxidation as an advanced oxidation process for Co-EDTA decomplexation (2022)
42 Heat, economic and multi-path safety (HEMPS) management on co-generation of hydrogen and sulfuric acid through modified sulfur-iodine cycle (2022)
41 Kinetics and m echanism of rhenium-ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (Re(IV)-EDTA) complex degradation; For 99Tc-EDTA degradation in the natural environment (2022)
40 The evolution of hydrated lime-based cementitious waste forms during leach testing leading to enhanced technetium retention (2022)
39 Metallic technetium sequestration in nickel Core/Shell microstructure during Fe(OH)2 transformation with Ni doping (2022)
38 Separation of light rare-earth elements using gas-pressurized extraction chromatography (2022)
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